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Webconférence - I've been accepted! What's next?

10 avril 2024
Heure: 9h
Lieu: Online
Détails supplémentaires

Do you have your acceptance letter from Université Laval, but you do not know what to do next? This is the webinar for you! 

During this webinar, we will discuss the following topics: 

  • The different types of admission 
  • Prerequisite coursework 
  • Tuition fees, budgeting and payment methods 
  • On-campus housing 
  • Course registration 
  • An overview of the immigration process 

This webinar will include a live question and answer session in which you will be able to communicate directly with our student information specialists and our regulated international student immigration advisors (RISIA). 

This webinar is meant for international students (i.e., students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of Canada) who have been admitted to a university program lasting longer than 6 months. 

To register for the webinar, you will need your 9-digit student ID number (numéro d’identifiant, or NI). You can find it in your offer of admission (Offre d’admission) and all official communications you receive from the ULaval Registrar’s Office (Bureau du Registraire). 

This webinar will take place in English. Cette webconférence se déroulera en anglais.

Candidates et candidats admis