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Rapport à la communauté université laval

Community Report

Université Laval





Université Laval

Human perspectives

Suzie Beaulieu Et Kristin Reinke

Two of our 1,650 professors


These two professors are so passionate about the French language, they founded a word laboratory. Their goal? To explore social, cultural, and educational phenomena and fight speech-based discrimination.

Jocelyn Martineau, Jean-Roger Rioux, Édith Tousignant, François Dubé Et Patricia Savard

Five of our 9,780 staff members


These technicians and researchers joined forces to ideate and design a new lamp prototype made specifically for plant research, so that the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences could keep growing young shoots without busting their budget.

François Belzile, Davoud Torkamaneh Et Brian Boyle

Three of our thousands of research leaders


These three researchers developed a solution that reduces the plastic waste generated by genomic analysis by 90%. Their innovative approach is a model of sustainable development and has improved research practices at the university and beyond.

Marie Gagnon-Boucher, Aucéane Dombrowski, Marie-Pier Trépanier Et Roxanne Simard

Four of our 56,273 students


These mechanical engineering students founded Génie uELLES, an inspiring collective for future women engineers. The collective is active on social media and offers tools, mentoring, and talks on diversity in engineering.

Mathias Mangion Et Juliette Champeil

Two of our 335,000 graduates


This dynamic duo founded Ivano Bioscience, a company that accelerates the development of drugs and vaccines by developing tools to prove their effectiveness more quickly. These entrepreneurial scientists are attracting the interest of major players in North America.

Jacques Deslauriers, René Dussault, Paul-Henri Fillion Et Claude Topping

Seven of Université Laval’s 20,604 donors


The Les Cent-Associés program has seven new donor members. In addition to those in the photo, Sylvan Adams, Rachel Routhier, and the late François Routhier pledged to make a planned donation of at least $1 million to Université Laval, leaving a lasting legacy for the future.

Word from the Rector

Teams on the move

The year 2021–2022 was one of change and progress. Our university community adapted in untold ways and continued to move forward. Our teams met complex challenges in epic fashion. They dared to experiment and found inspiring solutions as they adapted to their ever-changing reality. I am truly proud of you who study, teach, work, and conduct research at Université Laval. I would also like to thank all those who wholeheartedly support our mission and are committed to making Université Laval an impactful institution. Together, we’re forging the future.


Only at ULaval

A leader in sustainable development

Université Laval ranks 36th worldwide in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, in recognition of its leadership in sustainable development.

Uniting human and digital forces

Since 2019, 200,000 people have registered for classes at Académie de la transformation numérique to acquire essential skills in culture change and learn how to facilitate the digital shift.

Carrefour international Brian-Mulroney

Université Laval is set to gain a new signature building dedicated to international studies. The centre is being named in honour of former Canadian prime minister and Université Laval alumnus Brian Mulroney.

Unique experiences

Projects, internships, simulations, and explorations: Université Laval offers a unique work, research, and study ecosystem with strong community ties and a global perspective. Below are some outstanding and groundbreaking human achievements that speak to the vital significance of our university community.

1 / 9

A heavy-hitting nanoprogram

Université Laval has a new nanoprogram that helps people with research backgrounds develop soft skills. Students in the program develop their capacity for adaptation, collaboration, and communication through a reflective process of self-awareness and self-knowledge and with the help of personalized support. Registration for the first cohort was full within just a few weeks.

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2 / 9

Young cooks in the kitchen

The love of cooking starts at a young age. The proof is in the pudding—spots for the Aliment’terre and Jeunes foodies culinary camps go fast. Now in their seventh summer of operation, these camps in a professional culinary complex have been attended by a total of 108 kids age 10 to 15. With chef Jean Soulard as their guide, the young apprentices set out on a kitchen adventure that runs the full gamut, from farm to table.

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3 / 9

Music for all occasions

Even in the midst of the pandemic, Université Laval’s music students felt inspired to perform. They delighted audiences at various public venues, including the Summer Campus, Place Sainte-Foy, and the Alphonse-Desjardins Building, as well as at official University events, all while respecting public health guidelines. These were formative experiences that taught them to perform under various conditions.

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4 / 9

Sun-kissed Summer Campus

The success of the Northern Campus inspired the creation of a Summer Campus . A variety of culinary, sporting, cultural, and wellness activities take place on the campus’s grassy fields and wooded areas during the summer months. Colleagues, family, and classmates quickly adopted these meeting places to quite simply enjoy the sunshine.

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5 / 9

On the road to wellness

All across campus, mental health outreach workers provide students with timely, confidential psychosocial support and offer counselling for staff members, all free of charge. These agile mental health squads also help the University more quickly identify students who are struggling.

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6 / 9

Flexibility and ingenuity

How do you respond when multiple COVID-19 cases jeopardize hands-on learning activities at partner pharmacies? With flexibility and ingenuity. Which is exactly how our internship team tackled the challenge. They were able to reassure students and offer them a rich and stimulating internship experience, all without delaying their graduation.

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7 / 9

Riverside dialogue

In the spirit of sharing and openness, a “Rivers and Relationships” seminar was held at Mushuau-Nipi, on the banks of Rivière George. Nearly 20 people camped there for six days to launch a dialogue on respect for the land and the importance of rivers as elements of Indigenous cultural and natural heritage.

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8 / 9

Stepping up to the plate

The labour shortage had a huge impact on the faculty and unit's teams providing front-line student services. But with student needs exacerbated by changing public health guidelines, they rolled up their sleeves and maintained the same high level of service. Even while short-staffed, they worked hard, kept smiling, and stuck together.

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9 / 9

Going the distance to celebrate success

After many months of waiting, 2020 and 2021 graduates had their convocation ceremonies, a daunting logistical challenge with the pandemic still underway. Over six days, 13,000 vaccine passports were digitized and 4,600 gowns were donned at 11 in-person ceremonies that were also webcast live from the Québec City Convention Centre.

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Members of the UL community are deeply committed to tackling the big issues facing society and the world. Through innovation. Through a courageous approach that is sincere, sustainable, and community-focused. Read on for remarkable examples of what Université Laval’s dedicated and hard-working ambassadors are doing for the benefit of the community at large.

1 / 9

All ears on health

The Santé sans rendez-vous podcast series covers current topics in health, from depressive disorders to sports injuries to culinary medicine. It’s a varied lineup aimed at helping people improve their health by adopting healthy lifestyles. In this age of overexposure to screens, podcasts are a great way to learn while you exercise.

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2 / 9

Stronger community roots

Every year, non-profit organizations turn to Université Laval for expertise that’s hard or expensive to access. The Accès Savoir program makes their work easier by facilitating community internships and providing free advice. The program has been improved to better meet the needs and realities of these organizations as well as the University’s commitment to social engagement.

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3 / 9

No-holds-barred webcasts

A series of no-holds-barred webcasts on hot-button topics examines societal issues such as surrogacy, gun violence, and what it’s like to work at Amazon. It’s a great way to get people thinking about current issues and help them understand our world and the people who live in it.

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4 / 9

In solidarity with First Peoples

Community members joined the movement for the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, 2021. They paid a heartfelt tribute to residential school survivors and the children who went missing. Staff members even made and distributed 1,000 Truth and Reconciliation pins with the orange shirt symbol.

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5 / 9

Health central to climate issues

The Climate, health, action! campaign seeks to raise awareness in the health community about the effects that climate change can have on physical and mental well-being. The student-led initiative makes health central to the fight against global warming and aims to engage the entire university community.

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6 / 9

Celebrating diversity and inclusion

The first Diversity Days were held on April 6 and 7, 2022. The initiative promotes diversity and inclusion—two values that are dear to Université Laval. The activities featured people from diverse backgrounds speaking on work-, teaching-, and research-related issues and raised public awareness of different aspects of diversity.

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7 / 9

Sharing books

A reciprocal agreement allows members of the Université Laval Library to get their Bibliothèque de Québec library card for free, and vice versa. This agreement strengthens the University Library’s unifying role in Québec City’s cultural life. The partnership improves access to services for residents and the university community.

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8 / 9

An app for improving mobility

The MobiliSIG web app will make it easier for people with reduced mobility to use a wheelchair and will improve their social participation and quality of life. The research being done by geomatics professor Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi and his collaborators from various fields is a good example of Université Laval’s mission to deliver innovations that benefit society.

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9 / 9

Embracing Indigenous legal realities

A new education leadership chair provides students with a better understanding of Indigenous legal traditions in a spirit of openness. The chair’s objectives are consistent with those of Université Laval to maintain strong, lasting partnerships with First Peoples and develop courses and programs for them with a view to reconciliation.

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Université Laval is an efficient, modern, and network-driven university that pursues excellence in all aspects of its mission. It gives leading researchers and intellectuals the opportunity to pursue their passions and encourages leaders to leave their mark on society. Here are some of our brightest stars.

1 / 9

Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

Inspirational people. A captivated audience. The second Leaders Circle with Lucien Bouchard, Robert Lepage, and Joanne Liu focused on leadership in times of uncertainty. Their ideas and outstanding achievements are helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow, particularly those enrolled in Initiatives for the Future, a series of customized courses designed to address complex societal challenges.

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2 / 9

A unique transatlantic agreement

Université Laval and Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer (IFREMER) signed an agreement on oceanographic research in the Arctic and the North Atlantic. French scientists will be able to conduct research on the Amundsen, with Canadian researchers doing the same on board the French fleet. This partnership has the power to accelerate oceanographic research, much of which concerns climate challenges.

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3 / 9

A rousing success, online and in person

The 89th ACFAS Congress was a great success. Papers presented remotely gave 6,500 French-speaking researchers the chance to share their work. Public events held on the campus of Université Laval and elsewhere in Québec City built bridges with the community. Science entrepreneurship was a hot topic in the Science, Innovation, and Societies category.

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4 / 9

Prolific writing

From 2019 to 2021, faculty members wrote 15 books on various philosophical themes. Their productivity speaks to Université Laval’s strength as a research university, as the books are written in parallel with scientific papers. Most of these works have been published by European publishers, a noteworthy mark of international recognition.

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5 / 9

A successful department merger

Two departments came together to create the Professional Development Department, a successful merger that is all the more remarkable for having been completed remotely. The move came in response to the changing labour market and the need to upgrade one’s skills at every age. It proves that it’s better to work in networks than in silos.

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6 / 9

Record amount for the Rouge et Or

The Rouge et Or program runs on excellence, as do the 12 partners and 8 donors united for student-athlete success. In April 2022, the Rouge et Or awarded a record $144,000 to 76 scholarship recipients thanks to the commitment of people who believe in supporting the growth and success of future leaders from the world of university sports.

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7 / 9

Banding together in the name of cybersecurity

The University’s many cybersecurity experts pooled their skills and efforts to enhance the security of Université Laval’s assets in the face of growing cyber threats, which are increasingly complex and varied. This cooperation resulted in the creation of a cyber defence network and has raised awareness in the university community about adopting responsible online behaviour.

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8 / 9

Brio off to a brilliant start

The continuing education platform used by Université Laval and partner institutions has become an essential tool since launching in May 2021. After one year of operation, had logged over 365,000 registrations for more than 580 different training activities. This easy-to-use platform offers flexible learning options to better balance work, education, and personal life.

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9 / 9

Lessons from the pandemic

The pandemic profoundly changed the way we learn and teach. New educational practices emerged, while others changed. Université Laval is proactively seeking to learn from this period of change and adaptation. It surveyed its community and identified courses of action for the future in an eye-opening report. This is the starting point of an ongoing discussion.

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ULaval philanthropy



70.7 M$

total new commitments

37.4 M$

for scholarships, teaching and research

See the Foundation’s Impact report


Exceptional people. The ones we admire. The ones who inspire us and make us dream. The people on our list are a mix of established leaders and up-and-coming talent. Though they hail from many different backgrounds, all exemplify the pride of belonging to the Université Laval community.

Bibiane Courtois
Sir Fraser Stoddart


A nurse who defends the rights of women and First Peoples and a Nobel Prize–winning pioneer in molecular chemistry. Discover the recipients of our honorary doctorates, the highest distinction awarded by Université Laval.

All 2022 honorary doctorates
Andréanne Goyette


Committed to community

This PhD student in dental medicine volunteers at the SPOT community clinic with five colleagues she recruited. Thanks to her outstanding commitment, more people experiencing homelessness receive free oral health care. The GDG Foundation recognized her extraordinary dedication by awarding her a $5,000 Gilles Kègle Scholarship to be donated to the organization of her choice. That generous support has gone to the SPOT clinic.

Robert Vézina


Looking to the future

Robert Vézina, director of the Trésor de la langue française au Québec project, designed and co-wrote the web series “Dis-moi pas!?”. The bold videos humorously explain the origins of words that spice up the French language used in Québec. This forward-looking project is part of a rich scientific tradition focused on researching, promoting, and celebrating our linguistic heritage.

Catherine Ratté


Keeping morale high

The pandemic was tough. Catherine Ratté did not let it get her down. Quite the contrary. She organized fun online activities with the administrative staff of two faculties for which she is responsible. These virtual and face-to-face meetings contributed to the well-being of the participants and helped maintain team spirit.

François Pomerleau


The human behind the robots

François Pomerleau and his team received a number of awards and honours for their performance at the Subterranean Challenge, a first since 2004. The prestigious international competition is organized by an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. The team designed robots on wheels or tracks that walk and fly. The goal is to explore extreme environments such as mines, caves, and the urban underground.

Marie-Claude Mailhot


Creating a conducive atmosphere

This librarian masterminded the redesign of the ground level of the Pavilion Alexandre-Vachon library. With the help of her colleagues, she came up with a collection of modern, varied, user-friendly spaces. The library floor has become a place for students to work and learn, both on their own and in teams, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Auriane Feroussier


The art of plain language

“Agent Mashed 007 versus the Mayo Escobar cartel” is the intriguing title of the thesis abstract by this food science PhD student, winner of Université Laval’s Three Minute Thesis competition. Her research investigates the mechanisms involved in using mashed red lentils as a fat substitute in semi-liquid culinary products. Sound complicated? Her inventive presentation makes it all crystal clear.


The people revolutionizing our world

Here’s a look at some of the donors and graduates who have become essential University partners, faithful teaching and research allies, and shining examples of commitment and generosity.

Geneviève Sansfaçon-Gagnon


Geneviève Sansfaçon-Gagnon is a PhD student in psychology who is passionate about people and their mental health. This determined and empathetic leader and two of her colleagues founded Clic Aide, a non-profit organization that offers low-cost videoconference consultations. Clic Aide’s 30-odd volunteers are helping to meet a desperate need in Québec by providing concrete help to people who are suffering.

Fondation Mastercard


The Mastercard Foundation has joined forces with Université Laval to support Indigenous youth and provide guidance for their university studies. The $15 million granted by the foundation is the largest donation in the history of Université Laval. This exceptional five-year partnership will be used to create programs adapted to the realities of First Peoples, among other things.

Édith Butler


Celebrated performer and Officer of the Order of Canada Édith Butler has been a leading light of Acadian culture throughout her 50-year career. This proud Acadian singer holds a master’s degree in literature and traditional ethnography. Her entire body of work was influenced by her studies and her research on Acadian songs and traditions.

Taking action for sustainable development


reduction in the carbon footprint of our portfolio in order to focus on responsible investment.


in Sierra magazine's Cool Schools Ranking 2021 for our work to protect the environment.


added to the cost of all disposable tableware and utensils sold on campus to minimize usage.

Contribution to sustainable development goals

A few indicators

Effectif étudiant total

Total student body
counted over the year

Université Laval is home to one of the largest student communities in Québec, which has grown significantly over the past five years, nearly 12% more than in 2017-2018.

Diplômes et attestations décernés

Diplomas and certificates awarded

Université Laval is among Canada’s leading universities for the number of diplomas and certificates awarded. The University is committed to student success and has one of the highest graduation rates in the country for students who start a bachelor’s degree.

Fonds de recherche

Research funds

Research revenue has grown significantly over the past five years, hitting half a billion dollars for the first time in the history of our institution, an increase of 44% over the past five years.

Communauté étudiante de l’international

International student community

The students in this community come from about 125 countries, largely from France and French-speaking countries in Africa. The University has maintained its appeal despite the circumstances of the past two years.

Indice de satisfaction étudiante

Student satisfaction

Two North American surveys have confirmed for many years that students’ overall satisfaction with the education offered at Université Laval is higher than the average for other Canadian universities.

Bilan des gaz à effet de serre

Greenhouse gas emissions

As a leader in sustainable development, Université Laval is the first voluntarily carbon neutral university in Canada (2015) and ranks sixth globally in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022 on climate change.

See all indicators (PDF)
La mobilisation se poursuit

Ongoing efforts


This fifth Community Report marks the end of the 2017–2022 strategic planning cycle. The stories and accomplishments that it contains make us all very proud. The collective wins of the past five years are an endless source of motivation as we continue to transform our university for the well-being of our society. Thank you to all the teams that make Université Laval such an outstanding institution. We are heading into the next cycle together with passion and renewed energy.


Financial statements

As a modern, transparent institution, Université Laval makes its financial statements available to the entire university community.

Historique des résultats


In recent years, the correlation between available income and expenses incurred has been maintained.

Historique des investissements


The proportion of investments in each category has been maintained, particularly for information technology.

See the complete financial statements (PDF)