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Off-campus and international emergencies

Off-campus emergency situations

Students and staff who carry out academic activities from off-campus sites or partners' premises should inform themselves of the specific emergency guidelines and procedures for the sites where their activities are held (ask the security personnel or a staff member on site) and should follow instructions given by local authorities in case of emergency.

In the event of an off-campus emergency having an impact on Université Laval's members or activities, the emergency management structure foreseen in the Emergency Response Plan can be deployed to take charge and support University Laval’s community. 

International emergency situations

At all times during your stay, have the emergency numbers on hand.

In case of an emergency while on an international university activity, follow the recommendations below depending on the nature and severity of the situation.

For more information

Check out the ULaval International Safety Online Training available on MonPortail - Advanced Activities section (access to this training is automatically granted to anyone registered in the ULaval Mobility Registry).