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Veterinary Services

Refer to Veterinary Services to know the ethical regulations to follow when using animals for research or teaching purposes.


Veterinary Services’ mission is to establish conditions that foster the ethical and standard use of animals in Université Laval animal supply facilities and affiliated research centres.


Veterinary Services is mandated to provide technical and professional support in order to advise researchers on the use of animals in research and teaching and ensure lab animal welfare. To this end, it:

  • Collaborates on developing an animal supply facility health and safety program 
  • Heads up a training program for users of animals in experiments
  • Implements a post-approval support program
  • Provides veterinary services for all animal supply facilities
  • Implements standard operating procedures for all matters involving animals

Veterinary Services oversees Canada Council on Animal Care standards and policies on campus and in affiliated research centres.
Post-approval (or compliance) support ensures compliance with protocols in all animal supply facilities under Veterinary Services’ purview and ensures that all individuals who handle animals are properly trained.