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NSERC – Agnico Eagle Industrial Research Chair Mineral Exploration

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Georges Beaudoin

Georges Beaudoin

Full Professor

Faculty of Science and Engineering

After graduating with a BSc and. MSc in Geology at Université Laval, Prof. Beaudoin obtained his PhD from the University of Ottawa. Prof. Beaudoin is Director of the Centre for Geology and Engineering of Mineral Resources (E4m) and Editor of Mineralium Deposita, one of the most prestigious scientific journals on mineral deposits. He has been President of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) an international scientific society.

Chair holder’s Areas of expertise

Mineral Exploration
Mineral Deposit Geology
Mineral Chemistry

Indicator Minerals


  • Study the shape and surface texture of indicator minerals to quantify the distance and mode of transport from the source
  • Study the variations in chemical and isotope composition of indicator minerals useful for gold exploration.
  • Compare the composition of indicator minerals from a gold deposit to that from glacial sediments nearby
  • Develop and test new sampling strategies for indicator minerals
  • Develop innovative exploration methodologies using portable analytical instruments


Indicator minerals give information about the location, the mineral deposit type, and the fertility for mineral resources of a geological system. The application of indicator mineral methodologies is particularly important and well suited for the vast and unexplored regions of northern Canada affected by glacial processes. Because of their significant potential for mineral resources, those regions are a considerable focus for researchers and the industry.  Gold deposits, for example, constitute a top target for the mineral exploration industry.

The Chair develops new mineral exploration methodologies using indicator minerals. The Chair’s research program investigates the shape and surface texture, the mineral association, and the chemical and isotopic composition of selected indicator minerals. The Chair also develops innovative exploration methods using portable analytical instruments.


Establish a world-leading research centre to develop innovative exploration methods using indicator minerals useful to discover new mineral deposits.

Research impacts 

The NSERC-Agnico Eagle Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration is a world-leading research group on the application of indicator minerals in exploration.

Major outcomes will include:

  • Develop new mineral exploration methodologies using indicator minerals
  • Establish national and international leadership in development of new geological concepts and methodologies to increase the efficiency of mineral exploration
  • Train highly qualified personnel in a high-demand domain
  • Technology transfer to industrial and government partners

NSERC – Agnico Eagle Industrial Research Chair Mineral Exploration

Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot
Université Laval
1065, avenue de la Médecine
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