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Environment and infrastructure

Set in the heart of Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Université Laval offers students an exceptional academic environment and state-of-the-art facilities.

  • 1.8 km2 of campus, 64% of it covered in green space and trees
  • 40 buildings connected by footpaths and more than 5 km of underground tunnels
  • A lively cultural, athletic, and social environment
  • 2,300 rooms in sustainable student residences
  • A library housing 6 million documents and thousands of electronic resources available online
  • The cutting-edge Centre Apprentiss, the only interdisciplinary healthcare learning centre of its kind in Canada
  • PEPS, one of the country's largest modern sports complexes
  • 2 campus buildings located in Old Québec
  • Forêt Montmorency, the largest teaching and research forest in the world