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Preschooler boy explores nature with magnifying glass. Toddler looks at fern leaf with magnifying glass.
Learn and develop in contact with nature Discover Professor Caroline Bouchard's work on nature-based education in early childhood.
Many white-tailed deer on Anticosti Island.
Research to guarantee the conservation of large mammals. Steeve Côté is interested in the preservation of white-tailed deer, moose, migratory caribou and mountain goat populations.
Sky view of a combinatorial transport auction.
Develop planning tools to improve productivity Pre Monia Rekik's teams develop tools to optimize operation management.
Boat sailing in icy waters
At the center of northern and Arctic issues Discover the extent of ULaval’s expertise – National leader in collaborative northern research

Research and Innovation

Université Laval’s accomplished and respected professors make the institution a world-renowned hub for research and innovation. Armed with a transdisciplinary approach, they are committed to making positive impacts in the communities where they work.


2022–2027 Research and Innovation Development Plan

Entitled Joining forces to transform the world – Innovating to benefit society, the plan’s ambition is clear: conduct inclusive, connected, sustainable research to benefit communities and the planet. 

For each of these priorities, the plan covers the research issues at stake and the expected outcomes. To ground these objectives a modern, meaningful, and global perspective, we will also highlight the University’s scientific contributions through the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Services for researchers

Improve your odds of success by taking advantage of our services for researchers.

Université Laval’s research community enjoys access to a wide range of services and support regarding funding, responsible conduct of research, ethics, intellectual property, and social innovation in order to foster new initiatives and promote partnerships between researchers.

Ethics and responsible conduct of research

UL provides support to its research community to help foster ethical research and responsible conduct.

Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation

The Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation (VRRCI) draws on its team’s expertise to oversee the growth and promotion of research and innovation at UL.