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Messages from the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Rector
Messages from the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Rector

Messages from the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Rector

Marie-France Poulin

Marie-France Poulin

Innovative organizations know how to put together bold and stimulating strategic plans. When conducted in true partnership with the community, such exercises are a guarantee of progress and success.

On behalf of the board of directors, I am pleased and excited to receive this plan put together by the Université Laval management team and many other contributors.

This plan is the result of months of reflection and extensive consultation with the broader community. Many of you—from members of the academic and research community to representatives of political institutions and partners—have shared your dreams and ambitions with us.

The University has taken due note of your wishes to see the university flourish and shine in partnership with the people of Québec City. And we have heard your call to rethink the way we do research and provide an engaged learning environment focused on the student experience.

In the coming years, this plan will serve as an invaluable collective tool to help make Université Laval a unique institution that is more modern, more efficient, and more transparent.

We will be rolling out promising initiatives to redefine university life and introducing new programs. The plan will be concrete and have an impact on all aspects of university education.

It will include precise targets and reliable indicators to ensure we meet our ambitions.
I am confident that the members of the university community will make every effort to transform their university. And that we will be creative in bringing this strategic plan to life.

The board of directors will work side by side with you in the ongoing effort to implement this exciting plan.

Marie-France Poulin

Chair of the Board of Directors

Sophie D’Amours

Sophie D'Amours

The fields of education and research are changing at a rapid pace. Université Laval is entering an era of renewal. Today, I am proud and enthusiastic to present our strategic plan for navigating the changes that are impacting education, research, and society as a whole. This strategy will guide us as we revitalize our university and make it into a one-of-a-kind institution.

We will redefine the student experience, at every stage of life. Learning by doing, in the heart of Québec City, will become our hallmark. Our approach will be based on educational innovation and backed by the strength of a committed community. Our research will push the boundaries of multidisciplinarity.

In our future efforts, we will go well beyond traditional approaches to offer training and research initiatives dedicated to solving major social issues.

Université Laval will be more open and modern, fueled by collaborative networks that make it an educational destination of choice where people can develop their full potential.

Its leaders will dare to transform society. Their drive to achieve will be contagious. They will be a source of collective inspiration for generations to come.

We will help light a path to a better way of living together, taking bold steps to meet the emerging challenges of society. Open science will pave the way for a more equitable sharing of knowledge for the benefit of communities.

To achieve these goals, we will draw on the same shared energy and our desire to reinvent key aspects of teaching and research. I encourage you to be courageous and take part in this collective movement so we can fulfil our mission.

Together, we have the drive and ingenuity to create unstoppable momentum at Université Laval.

I look forward to joining you on our path to 2022.

Sophie D'Amours