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Your Laval score is not calculated until you submit an application for admission to a limited enrolment program. The admissions team calculates it when examining your application. For the undergraduate doctorate in medicine, only the academic record of candidates selected based on the Casper results will be analysed. 

Details about the Laval score

  • The Laval score takes into account your grades from each semester you were registered in an undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or certificate, even if you completed your studies several years ago.
  • Pre-university (qualifying) courses and graduate courses are not factored into the Laval score.
  • Your Laval score calculation does not include any courses taken:
    • At the graduate level
    • Exclusively as part of a short program
    • As part of a special program (for example, the Professional Order Integration Program)
    • Exclusively as a non-degree student
  • The Laval score is calculated using your semester GPA.
  • The calculation counts each course only once.

Documents for reference

  • Laval Score (PDF, French only)
    Full information on the score.
  • Benchmarks (PDF, French only)
    Data used to calculate the Laval score.

Frequently Asked Questions


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