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Many university programs require students to pass certain college courses prior to admission. These prerequisite courses provide you with the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need to succeed in your studies at Université Laval. These courses are generally offered as part of pre-university college programs, but you can also take them as qualifying courses at Université Laval .

Table of prerequisite college courses

As the ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MES) gradually implements new versions of pre-university college programs, Université Laval has correspondences between the old and new versions of prerequisite courses in place since fall 2023.

The following table shows the equivalencies between prerequisite college courses, their objectives and the corresponding qualifying courses at Université Laval. Please note that college courses deemed equivalent to those listed in the table may be recognized as prerequisites for admission.

DisciplineCourse code (old college programs)Course code (new college programs)Course subjectObjective: DEC in Science (200.B0 or 200.B1)Objective: DEC in Social Science (300.A0 or 300.A1)Qualifying course at Université Laval
BiologyNYASN1Évolution et diversité du vivant00UK or 0B01-BIO-0150
BiologyNYB or 401SNUStructure et fonctionnement du vivant00XU or 0B0F-BIO-0110
Biology901SH1Biologie humaine-022V or 0PU1BIO-0110
ChemistryNYASN1Chimie générale - la matière00UL or 0C01-CHM-0150
ChemistryNYBSN2Chimie des solutions00UM or 0C02-CHM-0160
ChemistryDYD or 202SNUChimie organique00XV or 0C0F-CHM-0250
MathematicsNYASN2Calcul différentiel00UN or 0M02-MAT-0150
Mathematics103-RESH2Calcul différentiel-022X or 0PU2*MAT-0150
MathematicsNYBSN3Calcul intégral00UP or 0M03-MAT-0260
Mathematics203-RESH3Calcul II ou calcul intégral-022Y or 0PU3*MAT-0250
MathematicsNYCSN4Algèbre linéaire et géométrie vectorielle00UQ or 0M04-MAT-0130
Mathematics105-RESH4Algèbre linéaire et géométrie vectorielle-022Z or 0PU4*MAT-0130
PhysicsNYASN1Mécanique00UR or 0P01-PHY-0150
PhysicsNYBSN2Électricité et magnétisme00US or 0P02-PHY-0250
PhysicsNYCSN3Ondes et physique moderne00UT or 0P03-PHY-0260
Psychology102VariableInitiation à la psychologie-022K or 0N03PSY-0100
Quantitative methods360-300360‐223Méthodes quantitatives en sciences humaines-022P or 0ME3STT-0150**
Quantitative methods360-301 or 201-301360-SH5 or 201-SH5Méthodes quantitatives avancées-022W or 0PU5STT-0150**

*Math courses taken as part of a DEC in human sciences are accepted in a number of bachelor’s programs. Please read the admission requirements for the programs you are interested in.

**Université Laval only offers the advanced statistics qualifying course. Please read the admission requirements for the programs you are interested in to make sure you complete the required education.

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