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Building bridges to live better together

Thierry Belleguic runs research programs that combine the arts, humanities, and social sciences with health. Pooled knowledge from diverse sources benefits communities and promotes sustainable collective well-being and a more inclusive and engaged society.

Project architects

Thierry Belleguic

Full Professor, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

Director, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Continuing Education Programs

Member of:

  • Communauté de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la vulnérabilité (CRIV) – Head
  • VITAM – Centre de recherche en santé durable – Regular Researcher, and VitaLab – Co-director
  • International Associated Laboratory (LIA) “Arts, Society, and Wellness” (Université Laval – Université Côte d’Azur [Nice] – Villa Arson) – Director
  • Accès Savoirs, Université Laval’s science and knowledge boutique – Director


  • CRIV is a cross-disciplinary community of roughly 80 artists, community actors, and teacher researchers in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and health sciences.
  • The LIA “Arts, Society, and Wellness” team consists of Johanne Brochu (FAAAD), Dr. Lucie Rochefort (FMED), co-scientific directors, and some 20 researchers from three ULaval faculties (FLSH, FAAAD, FMED).
  • VitaLab includes some 30 researchers, artists, citizen partners, and community actors. Emilie Dionne (regular researcher, VITAM) is the co-director of VitaLab, and Julie Lauzière and Adrien Kazup handle coordination (VITAM). Éric Gagnon (regular researcher, VITAM) acts as scientific advisor and manages the Vivre et vieillir festival in Québec City. 
  • The team at Accès Savoirs, Université Laval’s science and knowledge boutique, consists of co-coordinators Valérie Desgroseillier and Anaïs Pellerin, and co-scientific directors Marie-Claude Bernard (FSÉ), Sophie Dupéré (FSI), and Émilia Deffis (FLSH).


Université Nice-Côte d’Azur — Villa Arson 
Centre VITAM en santé durable 

Shining a light on vulnerability

Communauté de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la vulnérabilité (CRIV), led by Professor Belleguic, explores and raises awareness of the diverse situations of vulnerability. CRIV develops intervention and support initiatives in a variety of living, working, and practice environments to build ties and promote dialogue between the arts, humanities, and sciences in addressing vulnerability. For example, CRIV is a partner in the summer school program Les soignants s’invitent au Musée, a joint initiative of FLSH, FMED, and MNBAQ.

Sharing knowledge to build a bridge between the community and the University

Thierry Belleguic runs Accès Savoirs, ULaval’s science and knowledge boutique connecting organizations in need with the university community free of charge. This allows students—with the support of their teachers—to work on real-life problems NPOs face. Accès Savoirs promotes cognitive justice, open science, and the University’s engagement in society. For example, it is helping École de l’Excellence in Québec City set up administrative processes and develop a code of ethics to improve operations.

Combining humanities, the arts, and science to change perceptions of aging

VitaLab is a joint effort of CRIV and VITAM – Centre de recherche en santé durable. Co-directed by Professor Belleguic, this living laboratory generates, hosts, and co-builds research and intervention projects that seek to change social perceptions of aging. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, VitaLab brings the arts to seniors, addresses the stigma of aging, and promotes the social inclusion of seniors. 

The University’s commitment to cognitive justice and social engagement drives the Accès Savoirs team led by Thierry Belleguic.

NPO Le Papillon blanc takes dance to seniors in care centres, for a beautiful and compassionate experience. 

Through programs like Accès Savoirs, the University and the community are building mutually enriching ties. 

Thierry Belleguic’s goal is to promote a more positive and inclusive perception of vulnerable populations.

What's next

With his many ongoing projects, Professor Belleguic will continue to fuel and document work on vulnerability, aging, cognitive justice, and living together with a view to changing our perspective and contributing to a more just, more inclusive society. He also heads the newly created International Associated Laboratory (LIA) “Arts, Society, and Wellness.” This partnership between Université Laval and Université Côte d’Azur (Nice) – Villa Arson focuses on wellness, care, and social issues.

Université Laval au cœur de nos vies


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