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Institute Intelligence and Data (IID)



  • Sciences de la santé et de l’alimentation
  • Sciences de l’administration, sciences appliquées et sciences pures
  • Sciences de l’agriculture, de la foresterie et de la géomatique
  • Sciences de l’éducation, de l’économie, sociales et humaines
  • Sciences et génie


Artificial intelligence
Data science and Big data
Machine learning
Robotics and Computer Vision
Industry 4.0
Operational research
Decision support systems
Intelligence and geospatial data
Medical imaging
Ethics, confidentiality and responsible use of data
Sustainable health


  • Promote and conduct innovative and ethically responsible research in artificial intelligence, data sciences and all other related disciplines, within a spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinarity
  • Value the achievements of IID researchers within the academic milieu, in business networks, public institutions and within the general public, through dissemination, training and popular science outreach activities
  • Contribute to the training of qualified personnel in artificial intelligence and data sciences and in related fields
  • Develop and support collaborations with external organizations interested in artificial intelligence and data sciences
  • Collaborate with the socio-economic community and encourage the transfer of knowledge and technologies in the field
Christian Gagné

Christian Gagné

Full Professor

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Lynda Robitaille

Lynda Robitaille

Administrative Director

Institute Intelligence and Data (IID)

The Institute Intelligence and Data (IID) at Université Laval brings together the driving forces in terms of research and innovation in artificial intelligence and data sciences in the greater Quebec City area.

In a spirit of interdisciplinarity and collaboration, these researchers contribute to the development and enrichment of knowledge in a multitude of fields of application - from industry 4.0 to the Internet of Things (IoT), from intelligent devices to sensor networks, from the smart city to medical imagery, and more. Their work supports significant technological advances, in particular in robotics, virtual or augmented reality, machine learning or even the processing of complex data, carried out with careful attention to confidentiality, ethics and social acceptability.

More specifically, four federating areas have been identified:

  • Physical Environment
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Artificial intelligence and data processing methods
  • Ethics, confidentiality and social acceptability


Federate and support expertise and innovation in artificial intelligence and data sciences at Université Laval while playing a central role in the development of a pole of excellence and their related disciplines.


Research and training

The Institute Intelligence and Data (IID) will develop and promote innovative and ethically responsible research in artificial intelligence (AI), data valorization and related disciplines.

IID will use its wide-ranging expertise to train students and highly qualified personnel in AI, data valorization and related disciplines by providing a wide range of training opportunities, thereby responding to a great need in the community.

Collaborations with the milieu and knowledge transfer

An already well-established collaboration with the socio-economic community will encourage and support a better transfer of knowledge and new technologies in the field.

The creation of the IID and its positioning as a pole of excellence in AI will also contribute to the national and international influence of Université Laval. The integrative nature of IID activities will create new opportunities for collaboration with MILA researchers as well as with institutions and organizations on a regional, provincial, national and international level.

Institute Intelligence and Data (IID)

Adrien-Pouliot Building, office PLT-1118-A
1065, avenue de la Médecine
Université Laval
Quebec City, Quebec, G1V 0A6