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A limited enrolment program is a program where the number of admission applications received exceeds the number of available places.

Limited enrolment decisions are based on:

  • Limited staff or material resources or internships
  • Governmental decree (for example, the doctor of medicine program)

Quotas and selection criteria are set annually by the University Council. Places are allocated proportionally based on the applications received for the current year, for each type of applicant. An application deadline is set, after which no applications will be considered. In special cases, the admission period may be extended for certain programs. These programs have a maximum number of places set in advance, since available resources are limited.

Your application will be evaluated using the following metrics:

  • College students: your R score
  • Université Laval students: your overall admission value (commonly known as the Laval score)
  • Students from other universities: your overall admission value
  • Other applicants: your academic record

Some limited enrolment programs have developed their own selection criteria and methods for various applicant categories. For more information on specific requirements, the number of places available, application deadlines, or the R score, please see the list of limited enrolment programs.

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