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Critical situation involving University infrastructure


Life-threatening situations
Call 911

Immediate assistance from Security (SSP)

Dial extension 555
Call 418 656-5555
Pick up a red phone

A critical situation caused by a serious problem involving University infrastructure, that puts the lives or safety of people at risk (collapse, major prolonged power outage, burst pipes or major leaks, etc.), might turn out as an emergency situation.

If people’s lives are in danger, do the following:

  • Make sure you’re out of danger, then call 911
  • Notify Security
  • Evacuate the building, alerting others along the way, or follow the safety instructions issued by the authorities
  • If people are hurt or unwell, make sure you are safe and the area is safe before helping them (if you can’t help them, tell emergency services that there are people who need help and explain where they are)
  • Head to the meeting point outside the building and follow the instructions of emergency services
  • Don’t go back inside the building until you get the green light from the authorities


Requesting infrastructure maintenance or repairs

For infrastructure problems, repairs, or maintenance or worrying situations involving University infrastructure, contact Building Services.