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Emergency measures

Université Laval is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the university community enjoy a safe professional, academic, and research environment.

Who should you contact?

Immediate assistance from Security (SSP)

Dial extension 555
Call 418 656-5555
Pick up a red phone





Questions about security

Call 418 656-2131, extension 408500

Communications in case of emergency

The university community is informed of emergency situations and instructions through multiple channels:

Refer only to official Université Laval communications. Follow any instructions issued by the authorities. Warn people you meet of the emergency situation unfolding.

Be the first to know! Download the ECHO app

University members can download the ECHO app to be rapidly informed of emergency situations as they unfold (the type of notification received is customizable in the application settings). It’s fast and easy!

Logo application ECHO  
  1. Download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Accept the notifications
  3. Follow Université Laval

Instructions for exceptional measures

Depending on the nature and gravity of the emergency situation, the following measures could be taken to keep people safe.

Snow or ice storm

In the event of storm, Université Laval can suspend all university activities. If no notice is issued, all regular activities go ahead as scheduled.

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