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Research and Innovation Office

The Research and Innovation Office develops research and innovation activities at Université Laval and establishes general policies in these areas.

To do so, it:

  • Provides personalized support services to faculty members for funding, intellectual property, research development, ethics, and responsible conduct of research
  • Develops and enforces policies and regulations regarding research and innovation
  • Integrates research and innovation activities into student training
  • Divides responsibilities for research and innovation among faculties, departments, institutes, centres, chairs, and research groups

Research funding and management

  • Support and advisory services to professors in collaboration with faculties
  • Monitoring, analysis, and dissemination of funding programs
  • Development, updates, and dissemination of policies and regulations

Ethical and responsible conduct of research

  • Promotion and support for the ongoing development of a culture of ethical, honest, and responsible conduct of research, including training for the university community
  • Support for the activities of ethics committees on research involving humans
  • Support for Veterinary Services in maintaining and developing ethical standard conditions for animal use at Université Laval and its affiliated research centres.


Serge Desnoyers
Assistant to the Vice Rector and Director of the Research and Innovation Office
418-656-2131, ext. 405263


Julie Dionne
Secretariat Officer
418-656-2131, ext. 408254